• Our new brothers!
    Welcome to the family, brother Warren and Bezwick! Our newest babe in GOD’s family! Praise our Heaven FATHER for our two August babies baptised into HIS Body after learning about the Gospel which is GOD’s power to save (Rom 1:16). After learning what the Gospel is, each of them learned that they had to believe […]
  • A new baptism last night!
    Welcome to the family, sister Chantelle! Our newest babe in GOD’s family! Chantelle is a beautiful soul that has been attending our services at the Haven Night Shelter on Sunday evening. She enjoyed learning the lessons purely focused on the Bible and Scriptures. The experience was informative and different from any she had before. There […]
  • The Armor of GOD!
    What a blessed time our wonderful Sunday School is having learning about the Armor of GOD (Ephesians 6:10-18)! May of Heavenly Father continue blessing and guiding the wonderful parents and teachers that are nourishing our young and learning souls so that they may continue to grow in HIM! AMEN!