Food for thought #8

Physicist and astrobiologist Paul Davies understands cellular information thus:
The living cell is best thought of as a supercomputer … Most of the workings of the cell are best described as information … which leaves us with a curious conundrum. How did nature fabricate the world’s first digital information processor—the original living cell—from the blind chaos of blundering molecules? How did molecular hardware get to write its own software?15
Genetic information is much more sophisticated than what we have briefly described here, and even more sophisticated than anyone yet understands. For one, biological form needs additional information outside DNA. The genome has control elements whose importance and function we are just learning to understand. More will be said on this in a later chapter; here it suffices to say that biological information is everything that computer software information is, and then some.

Paul Davies, “How We Could Create Life,” The Guardian, December 11, 2002, accessed Nov. 20, 2017,…/dec/11/
Quoted in HERETIC, ONE SCIENTIST’S JOURNEY FROM DARWIN TO DESIGN, by Matti Leisola and Jonathan Witt.

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