Food for thought #1

The Universe operates according to precise astronomical laws. This is why rockets can be launched to the moon, etc., and directed to land within feet of their intended target, and why solar/lunar eclipses can be forecast centuries in advance. Science writer Lincoln Barnett comments: “This functional harmony of nature Berkeley, Descartes, and Spinoza attributed to God. Modern physicists who prefer to solve their problems without recourse to God (although this seems to be more difficult all the time) emphasize that nature mysteriously operates on mathematical principles. It is the mathematical orthodoxy of the Universe that enables theorists like Einstein to predict and discover natural laws, simply by the solution of equations” (1959, p. 22). British astronomer Sir James Jeans declared that the Universe looks “more like a great thought than a great machine.” Based upon his scientific studies, he said: “We discover that the Universe shows evidence of a designing or controlling Power that has something in common with our own minds” (1930).

Surveying the Evidence, Wayne Jackson, Eric Lyons, Kyle Butt, Page 34

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