Help us welcome our new brother in CHRIST!

Welcome to the family, brother Michaeel!

Praise the LORD for a new brother baptised into our Spiritual family!

Michaeel has been learning lessons purely focused on the Bible and Scriptures. He had a distraction though, a connection to things of the world. He would be a part of Bible studies for months hearing the Truth and enjoying the worship without mechanical instruments, just singing. There were lessons taught about baptism which Michaeel found particularly interesting, but he was not ready to die to himself and his own desires of the flesh. We had the opportunity to study with him and showed him God’s plan of salvation as revealed in His Word. He saw that it’s the gospel that is God’s power to save (Rom 1:16). After learning what the gospel is, he learned that he had to believe (Mark 16:15-16), confess Jesus Christ as Lord (Rom 10: 9-10), repent (Acts 2:38), and finally be baptised for the remission of his sins (Acts 2:38).

Praise the LORD that Michaeel was able to break the bonds of the world and be renewed in CHRIST through baptism! We are overjoyed to welcome him into our Spiritual family.

May our Heavenly FATHER continue to bless and keep our new brother as he begins this amazing journey in the Kingdom of Heaven! Amen!

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