Welcome to our new sister in CHRIST!

We are ecstatic to welcome our new sister in CHRSIT, Kaylin!

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Kaylin visited with Kraaifontein Church of Christ a few Sundays and really enjoyed the services. She was learning a lot as the lessons were all purely focused on the Bible and Scriptures were produced for everything that was taught. Kaylin expressed the desire to have a one-one-one study to learn more about matters in the Scriptures she found particularly interesting. She had been brought up in the Catholic faith and was taught that one could be baptized as an infant. We had the opportunity to study with her and showed her God’s plan of salvation as revealed in His Word. She saw that it’s the gospel that is God’s power to save (Rom 1:16). After learning what the gospel is, she learned that she had to believe (Mark 16:15-16), confess Jesus Christ as Lord (Rom 10: 9-10), repent (Acts 2:38), and finally be baptised for the remission of her sins (Acts 2:38).

All glory to GOD! We are all excited for our new siter in CHRIST and are ecstatic to support, love and encourage her as she begins this incredible journey as a Child of GOD! Amen!

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